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  • On : Dec 12, 2016

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Andrew Lee

October 22, 2016


Project Plan Memo: Improving the Exposure of The Wayne Entrepreneur Society


My project plan for the semester aims to improve the exposure of an organization within Wayne State, the Entrepreneur Society.


Purpose of the plan

  • Create a concrete idea of what this project will eventually look like
  • Define the exact problem I will assess in this project.
  • Establish whom exactly I will target for this project.
  • Establish a timetable to complete this project in time.



Topic for report

I will use this report to investigate increasing the exposure of an organization within Wayne State, the Entrepreneur Society. I created this student organization and we have been looking for extended membership throughout the school. This topic is pertinent to any organization within Wayne State that needs more exposure. I don’t think that there is enough advocacy for student organizations within Wayne State, so this will help to remedy that. The Wayne Entrepreneur Society focuses on the individuals within the society to network with each other and connect to help one another. The more people that join, the stronger it is. Because of this, it is essential we grow the group to make sure that we have as many resources as we can get. The group was established after the student organization day, so unfortunately we don’t have as much exposure as we should have right now. I am going to investigate several different ways to increase the amount of views, and eventually members, that the Entrepreneur Society gets.


Organization of the plan


I will be researching effective ways to correctly market the society to the general public, specifically the students of Wayne State.



The audience of this report includes the instructor, who will take my info into account and review the effectiveness of it. Another audience is obviously the students of Wayne State who will be viewing a way to gain exposure for their group. Whatever group this may be, it will be helpful to see a report to how to increase it. It could be a fraternity around campus that seeks to expand its reach, for example. The final audience will be the people actually in the Entrepreneur Society, for they will be interested in how to take these ideas and implement them in the real world to grow the network, for a growth in the network will also benefit them.





If I can discover a way to expose more people to the Entrepreneur Society, the entire group will benefit from more networking. Also, I will discover new ways to market a group in general that could benefit any student organization.


Primary Research

My primary research will deal with speaking to people directly. I will speak to other student organization leaders and address how they increase membership. This will allow me to easily get an idea of how this has been done successfully in the past. I will also speak with the members of the group to see what we like about the group, and can use to highlight the positives of joining.


Secondary Research

I will be consulting two books in my quest to effectively market the group and gain more membership. Those books are Influence by Robert Cialdini and Marketing to Millennials: Reach the Largest and Most Influential Generation by Jeff Fromm. These two books will massively help me with marketing the group in a persuasive way. They are both focused on how to reach people, which is essentially what I’m trying to do with this group.




Dates To be done
November 16-23 ·       Survey other student org leaders using a

·       Gather information current student organizations at Wayne State

·       Progress Report

November 24-29 ·       Use information gathered to create a results section and begin to but the report together.
November 30-December 6 ·       Finishing touches

·       Edit draft  (get a second look)

·       Due December 6